Why Hybrid?

Why Hybrid Brochure?

Market leading in every respect.

The proof is in the data (which you've never been able to gather from print/PDFs!)...

100% ⬆

Of properties to date, sold off-plan using a Hybrid brochure.

Proof that buyers are just as happy buying without print, when you show them the information in the best way!

4.81% ⬆

Average bounce rate of a Hybrid brochure.

Smashing the industry average bounce rate of 55%!

4m5s ⬆

Average time spent on site per visitor.

Beating the industry average time on site of 54 seconds!

52% ⬆

Of traffic to Hybrid brochures is from a mobile/tablet device.

Proof that 'non-responsive' PDFs are letting down your potential buyers!


The future of property brochures

Discover why Hybrid Brochures are taking the industry by storm

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Hybrid brochures are...

High quality

Provide a level of quality and experience equal, arguably superior, to that of a printed brochure.


Prove your commitment to sustainability and demonstrate to your customers that you care, whilst removing wastage and solving the storage problems, by not printing brochures.

21st century

Embrace all the possibilities and benefits of digital, improving presentation.

Digital first

Provide a superior cross-device experience, because you understand that the 50%+ of buyers who browse from mobile/tablet (compared with desktop), can't experience a PDF brochure in the way you want them to.


Take your customers on a carefully curated single journey through your content, guaranteeing they experience all that is truly special about your development.

Easily editable

Update the important details instantly and without cost, as we all know the details can change.

Ready to transform your customer experience with a Hybrid Brochure?