Truly digital property brochures have arrived.

Hybrid Brochure is the leading solution to present your properties and developments to buyers in the way they expect.

Whether you’re a house builder, an estate agent or a commercial property agent, seamlessly fuse the experience of a printed brochure with the full capability of digital, to provide information like never before.


The fluid ‘right to left’ experience of a Hybrid Brochure is designed and built to work on mobile, tablet or desktop, with unlimited layout capabilities.


Prove your commitment to sustainability and demonstrate to your customers that you care, whilst removing wastage and solving the storage problems, by not printing brochures.


You'd be forgiven for expecting the market leading solution for presentation and functionality to come with a premium price tag. With HybridBrochure, it's quite the opposite.

With the cost of a Hybrid Brochure costing less than the average print run of a brochure, when you also add in the design costs of a traditional printed brochure, Hybrid Brochure customers enjoy a greater than 50% cost saving when compared with the incumbent brochure solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

What's the cost?

Put simply, including development branding (if you need it), £4,200 + VAT. Full information can be found on our pricing page.

But don't I need printed brochures?

As 95% of buyers undertake their property research online, that is where you should be focusing your efforts.

During 'COVID-times' the off-plan sales rate of new homes was insane. During a time where for obvious reasons, customers were unable to get their hands on a printed brochure.

What support is included?

Once your Hybrid is in the public domain, we provide technical support for your Hybrid Brochure for 2 years.

After the end of year 2 you may choose to continue the hosting of your HybridBrochure at a cost of £60 per year.

Do you have apps for iPhone and Android?

Requiring a user to download a native app creates a barrier.

Hybrid Brochure is based 100% online, whether a user is viewing on a mobile, tablet or computer - they'll experience your development in a far superior way than the traditional 22 year-old PDF.

Can we edit our Hybrid Brochure?


Once we've designed and built your Hybrid Brochure, and you're ready for the world to see it, we'll provide you with editor access to our super simple admin console. From here you can update and amend ANY content you see. No more specification or floor plan change panics.

What data analysis can I gather from my Hybird Brochure?

We've chosen the market-leading Google Analytics. We will setup and provide access, allowing you to make strategic marketing decisions.

Ready to transform your customer experience with a Hybrid Brochure?